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Mukkai Krishnamoorthy



  • Higher Ed: Education, Higher Ed: Engineering 


Mukkai Krishnamoorthy is a retired professor of computer science. He taught at RPI for 38 years. 


STEM Education, Open Source Software, Problem Solving 


1) A Multi-Institutional Perspective on H/FOSS Projects in the Computing Curriculum, (authors: Grant Braught, John Maccormick, James Bowring, Quinn Burke, Barbara Cutler, David Goldschmidt, Mukkai Krishnamoorthy, Wesley Turner, Steven Huss-Lederman, Bonnie Mackellar, Allen Tucker), ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE), 2018/7/11

2) Interactive Complexity: Software Metrics from an Ecosystem Perspective, (authos: Charles Hathaway, Ron Eglash, Mukkai Krishnamoorthy), arXiv:1711.09054v2, 2017

3) Culturally situated design tools: Generative justice as a foundation for STEM diversity (authors: Ron Eglash, William Babbitt, Audrey Bennett, Kathryn Bennett, Brian Callahan, James Davis, John Drazan, Charles Hathaway, David Hughes, Mukkai Krishnamoorthy, Michael Lachney, Michael Mascarenhas, Shayla Sawyer, Kathleen Tully), Moving students of color from consumers to producers of technology (Book), 2017

4) Quantitative Metrics for Generative Justice: Graphing the value of diversity (authors: Brian Robert Callahan, Charles Hathaway, Mukkai Krishnamoorthy), Teknokultura, 2016